Media Presence

📼 Vida Extra SIC/Expresso

A The Fox House esteve presente no segmento "Vida Extra" SIC/Expresso do Jornal da Noite no dia 15 de fevereiro.

The Fox House: Nature and Exclusivity

The story goes that one day, near the pool and among the trees that change color in autumn, a fox appeared, silent, attentive and curious. The narrative goes on to say that on nights when silence covers the entire property, the foxes would continue to appear and land for the discreet cameras as if they were part of the scenario.

When the visit became a habit, Miguel Condesso and Mafalda Carlos, the owners, did not hesitate and decided to name the homestay they had turned into accommodation, named The Fox House.
"Meet us at The Fox House"

The Fox House is not a party space.

It is a home for happy times, with all that happiness includes, parties too!

We realize this as soon as we are greeted by our host Mafalda's hug.

The original name was Quinta da Varziela, but three and a half years ago, when Miguel Condesso and Mafalda Carlos decided to turn the space into a housing unit, they thought of another name: The Fox House. The inspiration came on a summer night, while they were dining at the pergola with friends and the son exclaimed: O papa, here is such a big cat! It was a fox that baptized this house in Serrazes, 5 minutes from São Pedro do Sul, in the region of Dão Lafões.