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Our Sustainability Policy

Exclusivity & Nature is the concept that gives life to a space with history, set in a 7 hectare forest area where nature draws the landscape, giving the Fox House a special Private Villa identity.

Comfort is always present in the 6 suites with private toilet, living and dining room, full kitchen, which interconnect with the barbecue and pergola outside, with a unique view of the pool, mini golf and valley. The Fox Club, where refinement and vibrant cultural and entertainment agenda reign, and the kitchen, where show-cooking allows for unforgettable dining experiences. And of course the exclusivity makes staying at The Fox House a unique experience.

Continental breakfast is part of the art of welcome, amenities, fully equipped home, free wifi, cable TV, Netflix, Spotify, 65 ″ screen, bluetooth sound, will make you truly feel at home. House.

Experience, live and feel the luxury of lush landscapes, the joy of colorful gardens, the sound of silence, the life of fresh water springs, the drawing of bird's flight in the relaxing blue sky, a cricket-driven kiwifruit walk and frogs, a moonlight that makes you dream.

The Fox House is a unique experience that awakens the senses and provides a balance between nature and well-being, resulting in moments of relaxation and tranquility, or a wonderful joy in peace and harmony.

Feel at home is The Fox House's motto, so we value exclusivity and comfort as key points to inspire you to freely enjoy your stay in a space that is yours alone.

The details, the decoration, the spaces and the ambiences, the amenities, created with you in mind, make your stay an exclusive experience where obviously the warm welcome and the willingness of the hosts to facilitate all the comfort and well being .

At The Fox House we are aware of the great importance of working towards sustainable tourism development, respecting the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism, renewed in Vitória-Gasteiz in November 2015.

We know that through sustainable and responsible good practices we can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of our activity, also by making a difference with our policies and values.

The Fox House, where moments create memorable stories.

Mission, vision and values


The Fox House's mission is the preservation and enhancement of a space filled with history, inserted in a surrounding of nature, ensuring an authentic and exclusive tourist experience for all who visit us.

The Fox House aims to be recognized as a point of excellence in luxury tourism accommodation in Portugal.


The values that guide The Fox House's work are:

  • The appreciation of the art of receiving well;
  • Offering unique and differentiating experiences to all our customers;
  • The ability to customize services to our customers;
  • Respect for the environment, cultural and historical heritage, people and the identity of the destination in which we operate;
  • Innovation and creative spirit whether in reinventing the physical spaces or our offering.